Aréna (Empire)



serves as an outworld for ants. You can place food and liquids, or even decorations inside. Simple design makes maintenance very easy. The view inside the Arena is very clear, thanks both to the glass side walls, but also to the top lid, which is made of clear plexiglass. As a result, it is not likely to be broken by manipulation. The lid is attached to the arena by powerful magnets that ensure its good fit.

You can connect up to four Modules at a time to the Arena. You connect as you would do with two modules – it is enough to remove white plugs and put the parts together.

Technical parameters:
Glass part – height x width x length: 60 x 195 x 145 mm
Overall dimensions – height x width x length: 65 x 210 x 188 mm
Hole diameter: 6 mm

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