Modul (Klasik)


serves as the main ant nest. It consists of a plastic body that is created on a 3D printer made of black PET material, a cork nest, a plexiglass, which makes it possible to see inside the modul and a red cover, also printed on a 3D printer that provides darkness throughout the module. Modules can be connected by  magnets. The cork inside is another interesting element. Ensures ants stay in a natural environment that they can customize as needed. When purchasing, you can choose a full cork or already with pre-cut corridors. If you choose a full cork, it’s up to you to build your ant nest. Then everything is ready and you can put the ants in your new home. Simply unplug one of the entrances and connect with another Module, Miniarena or Arena. Soon as the colony grows, the biggest advantage of Modules comes in turn. You simply plug in another magnet module and it’s done.

Dimensions: 130x130x12 mm

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